Introducing Conclude: Rapid No-Code Application Development for Slack

Conclude presents a no-code framework designed to empower individuals without technical backgrounds to create apps through an intuitive user interface, as detailed in this guide.

Applications in Conclude are created through a simple web user interface or by using a high-level language known as YAML, which does not necessitate any prior coding knowledge. YAML eschews traditional programming language features, such as statements, expressions, conditions, and loops.

Conclude provides a variety of pre-built templates catering to prevalent use cases, including support, incident management, and more. Utilizing these templates, you can design and deploy a customized workflow app in mere minutes. This efficiency stands in sharp contrast to the conventional development of Slack apps, which may require weeks to complete and necessitate years of programming experience.

Our application templates are open-source, allowing you to modify and redistribute them as desired. These templates can be accessed at

Please proceed to the next section for instructions on installing and initiating the support template.

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