Changing the way people collaborate

Who we are

Conclude is a European software company specializing in no-code apps and collaboration tools that empower business productivity through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with an office in Palo Alto, USA and a hub in Barcelona, Spain, the founders have over 25 years of experience in creating frameworks and app platforms.

CEO and Co-founder Haavard Nord was the inventor of the industry standard framework Qt, used by more than a million developers worldwide to create apps for everything from home appliances to supercars.

Lars Knoll, who was instrumental in building Qt into a multi-billion Euro company, joined Conclude in July 2022 as CTO. Lars is also known as the creator of the open source code that became WebKit, the engine that powers today’s most popular web browsers, including Safari and Chrome.

Conclude builds on the experience of AbiliMe – a predecessor to Conclude which focused on helping teams make faster decisions. Haavard redeveloped and relaunched Conclude in 2019, achieving market fit with paying customers.

What we do

Conclude offers a suite of collaboration tools that help companies to streamline workflows and foster cross-team communication on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Conclude Link: connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to reduce information silos and improve collaboration. With bi-directional synchronization and communication, teams can work from their preferred messaging platform.

Conclude Workflows: manage support tickets, issues, and incidents directly from Slack. No-code workflow apps are easily customizable, provide structure to conversations, and create a dedicated Slack channel for each new activity. Includes AI and Jira integrations for a smoother workflow experience.

AI Integrations: AI-powered email summarization and language translation options accelerate response and resolution times, making teams and companies more efficient. Use workflows to summarize, open and translate tickets in up to 60 languages inside Slack. 

Conclude Dashboard: this provides a comprehensive overview of all open workflow activities in one place. Once an activity – a ticket, issue or incident – is concluded, it is archived and stored permanently in the Dashboard, so no important information is ever lost.

Say goodbye to information silos and align people in one place. Use Conclude to connect, collaborate and conclude faster, while reducing valuable time spent on context switching.

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