Connect and collaborate on Slack and Microsoft Teams

Use Conclude Link to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams and reduce silos. Collaborate in Slack using Conclude Workflows to manage support tickets, issues and incidents.

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Work from your preferred messaging platform

Conclude Link offers seamless integration and real-time synchronization between channels on Microsoft Teams and Slack enabling users to communicate and collaborate with ease.
Conclude Link allows organizations to connect Microsoft Teams and Slack so different departments can chat using their preferred platform. Boost team collaboration, easily share files and synchronize everything seamlessly between different platforms and workspaces.

Conclude Workflows in Slack

Organizations can also use Conclude Workflows with Jira and AI Integrations to reduce context switching and speed up response and resolution times for support tickets, issues, and incident management.

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  Soon! Workflows for Microsoft Teams are coming Q2

Bridge the collaboration gap

Say goodbye to information silos with Conclude Link. Connect different workspaces on Slack and Microsoft Teams for seamless two-way communication. Use Conclude Link on its own, or add Conclude Workflows (currently available in Slack) to manage support tickets, issues and incidents in one place.

AI-assisted Workflows

Conclude Workflows has two powerful AI Integrations for IT Help Desk and Support Teams.

OpenAI Email Summarization summarizes incoming emails, automatically generates an editable description and opens tickets in Slack, saving >1 minute in ticket creation time.

AI-powered Email Translation reduces context switching and lets you respond to incoming and outgoing emails in up to 60 languages from Slack.

Reduce context switching to increase focus

A Harvard Business Review study highlights the time employees spend switching between apps, leading to workflow inefficiency and cognitive strain. On average, users toggling between different apps and websites resulted in almost four hours per week spent reorienting themselves – equivalent to five working weeks, or 9% of an employee’s annual time at work.

Conclude’s collaboration tools have been designed to address these challenges in your organization.

Collaboration tools for digital efficiency

Whether you’re a C-Level Executive looking to reduce employee context switching and silos, and boost organizational efficiency, or a Support Team Lead looking to speed up ticket or issue response and resolution times, Conclude currently offers two powerful business collaboration tools.

Conclude Link for seamless integration and real-time synchronization between channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams and Conclude Workflows for managing support tickets, issues and incidents in Slack.

Workflows for IT Help Desk and Support Teams

Run incidents and manage issues or support tickets directly from Slack. Increase engagement and provide visibility to stakeholders with a dedicated activity channel for each ticket or issue. Record all activities in the Dashboard (web-based UI). Use AI Integrations for support ticket creation and translation in up to 60 languages.

Manage support tickets, issues and incidents in Slack

Use Conclude Workflows to manage different incidents, issues, bugs and support tickets. Integrate with Jira and run workflows to trigger email notifications for critical incidents. Use AI integrations to speed up ticket response and resolution times.

  Workflows for Microsoft Teams are coming this year

Incident Management

Run, resolve and conclude
all types of incidents directly
from Slack.

Bug Tracking

Connect your project to Jira for better bug tracking and reporting capabilities.

Support Tickets

Bring customer support into Slack. Manage issues and reach conclusions faster.

Customizable Templates

Build and customize your own
smart workflows.
No coding experience required.

Dashboard – keep track of important information

Once workflow activities are concluded, the Slack channel is archived but all information is stored and accessible from the Conclude Dashboard (our web-based UI). See changelogs and get a clear overview of everything without searching through thousands of messages.

The Dashboard also provides you with useful Insights and key MTTx metrics at a glance. Filter by time periods and select different visualization types including number of incidents, severity levels, response, and resolution times.

Connect. Collaborate. Conclude