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How to get the most out of Conclude

Conclude saves you time and money

45% of workers say that switching between tools reduces their productivity (Qatalog and Cornell University’s Lab, Workgeist Report 2021). We did a calculation on the amount of productive hours that could be saved using Conclude Link and Conclude Apps. Here’s what we discovered: ℹ How was this calculated?
Calculations are based on data compiled from various sources. As per [Gartner](, [Harvard Business Review](, and [Pegasystems](, knowledge workers are estimated to use an average of 20 apps. The annual time spent switching (156 hours), is based on [Qatalog and Cornell University’s Lab, Workgeist Report 2021]( With Conclude Link, workers avoid switching between three apps, saving 23.4 hours/year per worker. When combined with Conclude Apps, the total time saved increases to 39 hours/year.
Conclude Link
Conclude Link saves at least 23.4 hours per worker per year. For a team of 100, this would mean a saving of around 2,340 hours per year
Conclude Apps
Conclude Apps + Conclude Link saves at least 39 hours per worker per year.  For a team of 100 people, 3,900 hours would be saved per year

Teams empowered by Conclude 

Conclude can be used by any team company-wide, however, the following departments have the highest use or level of empowerment. More use cases are coming soon!
Engineering Teams
IT Help Desk & Support
CSM & Support
Human Resources
Comms Teams
Product Teams
Engineering Teams
Engineering Teams

Conclude Apps lets teams manage incidents, issues and bugs directly from Slack. Each issue opens a new activity and everything is recorded in the Dashboard. Teams can find important MTTx metrics in the Insights tab. Apps include AI integrations which summarize emails and opens tickets automatically as well as Jira.

Conclude Link connects different teams and workspaces (i.e. Slack to Slack or Teams to Teams) to reduce silos and facilitate the flow of information. The automatic translation feature enables teams to communicate in different languages with ease.

IT Help Desk & Support
IT Help Desk & Support

Conclude Apps lets teams bring their help desk into Slack, with the automatic creation of tickets from emails using AI-driven integrations for support tickets. Teams can save more than 1 minute per email in ticket creation and summarization, with a menu that supports up to 60 languages. Valuable metrics can be found in the Conclude Dashboard.

Conclude Link is a powerful solution for teams operating in different time zones or with different messaging programs. Channels can be linked between different teams or workspaces with the addition of automatic language translation.

Communication Teams
Communication Teams

Conclude Link with automatic language translation is a powerful tool for VPs or Heads of Internal Communication to broadcast messages to key channels across Slack or Teams, without the need to translate content. 

For global organizations that need to keep staff or stakeholders updated, Conclude Link helps to break down silos and facilitate the flow of information company-wide.

Product Teams
Product Teams

Conclude Apps provides Product Managers with a structured way to manage and track product releases, while maintaining a clear focus on each project (without the distraction of unrelated discussions).

Each project opens a dedicated Slack channel, with all relevant information captured in one place. Once concluded, the channel is archived and all details are recorded in the Dashboard.

Collaboration tools for companies of any size

Depending on your company’s needs, there are many ways Conclude can add value
Conclude Link: connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to reduce silos and improve collaboration. With bi-directional synchronization, teams can work from their preferred messaging platform and translate conversations in up to 60 languages.
Conclude Apps: manage support tickets, issues and incidents from Slack. Workflow apps provide structure to conversation and open a dedicated channel for each new activity. This product integrates with Jira.

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