Why Conclude

Connect and work from your preferred messaging platform: Slack or Microsoft Teams

About Conclude

Conclude is the conversational ticketing and issue management solution that integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Connect and work from your preferred messaging platform, with frictionless, bi-directional communication across multiple teams and organizations. Includes integrations with AI, plus Slack and Jira. Learn more about Conclude Workflows and Conclude Link

Who is Conclude for?

  • Support customers directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Speed up response and resolution times and stay closer to your customers. Integrates with Zendesk and Jira.
  • Use Slack and Microsoft Teams to handle issues and incidents. Create, update, and track issues from Slack or Jira, with two-way synchronization.
  • Is your company using Slack and Teams? Connect both and synchronize selected channels so employees can collaborate from their preferred platform.
  • Bring your Support and Help Desk ticketing system into Slack with AI-powered integrations. Boost company efficiency by responding to and resolving tickets faster.
Lightweight conversational ticketing system

Manage support tickets and issues in one place using Slack or Microsoft Teams. Streamline your processes with conversational ticketing and leverage the convenience of chat platforms to respond to and resolve tickets faster.

Conclude Workflows empowers IT Help Desk, Support Teams, Engineers, DevOps, and Customer Success Agents to manage support tickets, issues, and incidents in one place.

Smooth communication between Slack and Teams

Promote collaboration, improve productivity and streamline workflows. Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams using Conclude Link for bi-directional chat across different workspaces and teams in multiple organizations. 

File sharing, reactions, threaded comments, @mentions of colleagues and more are supported, making cross-team collaboration efficient and uncomplicated

Connect. Collaborate. Conclude