Support Tickets

Speed up response and resolution times on Slack with AI-powered workflows for IT Help Desk and Support Teams

Your ticketing system in Slack

Bring your Help Desk into Slack and the Conclude Dashboard. Use AI-powered integrations to summarize emails and translate them inside Slack in up to 60 languages.

Identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency, easily track support ticket status, assign tickets to specific agents, and monitor response and resolution times.

Save >1 min per email

Conclude Workflows helps teams stay on top of open tickets and resolve issues directly from Slack, with better tracking and faster response times.

Configure email settings so people outside your organization can send feedback to a specific channel. Use our AI integrations to summarize the key points of an email and automatically open a ticket in Slack.

Useful support ticket metrics

Use the Conclude Dashboard to get insights at a glance. Filter by time periods and select different visualization types, including the number of incidents, severity levels, response, and resolution times.

How does it work?

See how easy it is to get started with Conclude Workflows for Support Teams. Centralize and
manage customer-facing issues and incidents in one place.

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