Slack and Jira Integration

Connect your Jira projects and tickets for smoother issue management in Slack

Jira issue management

Our Jira connector in Slack is compatible with Jira Cloud, ensuring a smooth two-way connection. Create, update, and track Jira issues directly from Slack.

Use Conclude Apps in Slack to manage issues and incidents, track bugs and support tickets in one place.

Integrate Slack and Jira for a smoother experience

Real-time synchronization:
Create a Jira issue directly from Slack. Everything is updated instantly, so there’s no need to copy and paste data to different places
Fully customizable:
Conclude’s no-code app templates are designed with customization in mind. Settings can be adjusted to fit different team preferences
Account synchronization:
Conclude maps a Slack user to their corresponding Jira user. This feature eliminates confusion and maintains consistency

How does it work?

1 - Install the Jira Integration template from Conclude in a Slack channel e.g. #issues

2 - Customize the App Settings from the Dashboard under the Jira settings tab

3 - Set up Jira by providing your Jira base URL for a quick and secure connection

4 - Authorize Conclude – depending on the version of Jira, select the best method

5 - Configure a Jira Project by selecting the project you want to synchronize

6 - More information: See our Jira Integration documentation for more detail

Why use Conclude’s Jira Integration?

Integrating Slack and Jira via Conclude simplifies task tracking and project management. With instant ticket and issue updates, information flows more easily.

The integration reduces context switching and minimizes distractions, saving time and boosting productivity.

Secure and customizable apps

This integration ensures data security and reliability, adhering to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Apps are easily customizable from the Dashboard, and teams can configure settings to match their needs, making it a flexible solution.

Use cases by teams

Software Development Teams
Software Development Teams

Challenge: juggling coding, bug tracking, and feature requests

Benefits: streamline task management and bug tracking inside Slack. Reduce context switching and allow teams to focus on development work. 

Developers can discuss issues in Slack and details are automatically updated in Jira, saving time and reducing errors.

Customer Support Teams
Customer Support Teams

Challenge: efficiently tracking customer issues and feedback 

Benefits: create and update Jira tickets from Slack as issues arise. Ensure customer queries and feedback discussed in Slack are accurately logged in Jira. 

The seamless transfer of information enhances the quality of responses and customer satisfaction.

IT Operations Teams
IT Operations Teams

Challenge: managing a high volume of IT support tickets and system updates

Benefits: sync tickets and updates between Slack and Jira to improve response times and operational efficiency. 

Slack updates are directly reflected in Jira, ensuring all team members have the latest information without manual intervention.

Project Management Professionals
Project Management

Challenge: keeping project timelines, resources, and stakeholders aligned

Benefits: simplify project tracking and updates, ensuring all team members are aligned, without leaving Slack.

Slack discussions about project changes or updates sync with corresponding Jira tickets, maintaining alignment across all platforms.

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