Manage issues, incidents and tickets in one place

A Dashboard for all your activities

The Conclude Dashboard is your mission control center. It’s a web-based UI which provides you with a lot of flexibility, unavailable from Slack.

See your installed apps, install new apps, customize their settings, get an overview of all activities and view important metrics and insights at a glance. Access the Dashboard from Slack, or here when you’re signed in.

Information is archived and stored indefinitely

All information is permanently archived in the Dashboard, so nothing is ever lost.

  • See all your open and closed activities from the main page
  • Re-open closed incidents if required (automatically reflected in Slack)
  • Open activities with a high severity level are marked with red labels
  • See a changelog for each activity, and easily add postmortem notes

An Insights tab for all your key metrics

The Insights section provides an overview of all your important metrics. Filter activities weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly to detect trends over time.

Find useful data on the Number of incidents created, Mean Time to Respond and the Mean Time to Resolve.

App Settings: install and configure all your apps

Under the App Settings tab, Conclude workflow apps can be easily installed and customized.
Choose from different predefined options that are not available inside Slack.
General settings
Customize the workflow app name and who has access to it. Update the app description, app label, and channel naming conventions.
Roles and responsibilities
Update the default assignee for each activity, customize the people or channels to invite, and where to send alerts
Review settings
Decide who should review incoming issues, incidents or bugs and set up any exclusion criteria. Define where alerts should be sent
Attribute fields
Fields are fully customizable. Make them optional or mandatory, add or delete fields and include postmortem fields if required
Severity settings
Depending on the app, here you can enable or disable severity settings. These can be further customized under the Attribute fields settings
Texts and translations
A flexible setting that allows you to rename labels or buttons for each app. Use this feature to provide instructions in other languages
Email settings
Main text hereAllow people from outside your organization to send emails directly to a channel. Each has a dedicated email address, assigned by Conclude
Jira settings
This is the place to connect to Jira and configure your projects with Conclude. Note: the operation must be carried out by a Jira administrator
Expert (YAML)
Update and customize any workflow app using the programming language YAML. Expert settings for those who want full control

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