Conclude Connect

An external collaboration solution for Slack with Zendesk integration

What is Conclude Connect?

Conclude Connect makes it easier to work with external partners and customers using Slack and soon, Microsoft Teams.

Easily open tickets in Slack and use branched or threaded messages to manage requests. This lightweight solution integrates with Zendesk and Jira for consistent tracking across all platforms.

Integrates with Zendesk and Jira Cloud

Say you have customers on Microsoft Teams, but your organization uses Slack; Conclude Connect lets you manage requests from either platform and chat as if you were in the same channel.

Replicate and sync communication between Slack and Zendesk, Slack and Jira – and soon, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

“Our migration from Halp to Conclude was a smooth experience with no disruption to our existing workflow. The onboarding process was straightforward, and we quickly adapted to the new UI. Conclude Connect allows us to open support tickets from Slack and includes the vital Zendesk integration that we rely on to keep our customers happy. Recommended.”

Christian Romming, Founder & CEO, Etleap

Conversational ticketing just got better

How does your team manage external collaboration? Conclude offers different options to connect with customers, triage issues, open tickets, and respond to requests.

Invite external people and securely connect from your selected channel, while keeping your UI clean and messaging organized.


Conclude Connect Features

  • Connect with customers from Slack
  • Create and “branch” tickets from a main channel
  • Create tickets with an emoji (using threaded messages)
  • Editable ticket overview with ticket ID
  • Integrates with Slack, Jira and Zendesk
  • Sync between Slack and Zendesk
  • Sync between Slack and Jira
  • Dashboard for all metrics and insights

Take charge of your external collaboration

Improve collaboration and conclude requests faster by providing structure to conversations.

Get closer to your customers while working from your preferred platform with all tickets, issues, or project details recorded in the Conclude Dashboard.

Connect. Collaborate. Conclude