Conclude Apps

No-code workflow apps with AI integrations in Slack

What are Conclude Apps?

Conclude’s no-code apps can be installed in channels directly from Slack using a quick command, or from the Conclude Dashboard (our web-based UI).

There are several pre-configured templates for support tickets, incident management, bug tracking, Jira integration and more. Apps can easily be configured in Settings.

Streamlined incident and issue management

Manage all types of incidents and issues from Slack, with AI integrations. Gather important information in one place so responders can focus on resolving the issue.

Once an issue is concluded, the dedicated channel is archived but details are recorded in the Dashboard. Insights highlight important MTTx data and detect trends over time.

Support ticketing system in Slack

Centralize support in Slack to manage requests with AI integrations to speed up email ticket summarization. Identify bottlenecks, easily track ticket status, assign tickets to specific agents, and monitor response and resolution times.

Stay on top of open tickets and collaborate with colleagues to resolve issues in Slack, with better tracking and faster response times.

Bug tracking and Jira Cloud integration

Install our Bug Tracking app in Slack, create your own, or try our Slack and Jira integration.

Stop copying and pasting information from different places. Instead, connect your project with Jira Cloud for better tracking capabilities and bi-directional synchronization.

Structure your conversations, tickets and issues in Slack

Use Conclude Apps to manage different incidents, issues, bugs and support tickets. Sync issues and integrate with Jira Cloud or use AI integrations for email summarization and achieve faster response and resolution times.

Incident Management

Run, resolve and conclude
all types of incidents directly
from Slack

Bug Tracking

Connect your project to Jira Cloud for better bug tracking and reporting capabilities

Support Tickets

Resolve and manage tickets and issues more efficiently by bringing your Customer Support into Slack

Customizable Templates

Build and customize your own workflows with app templates for every team. No coding experience required

Customizable app templates for every team

Conclude can be used by any department –it isn’t just for Engineers, IT Help Desk or Customer Support. Teams can customize and deploy apps in minutes to manage all kinds of issues, approvals or projects.

Keep conversations structured and organized, with a clear overview of all activities in one place.

Connect. Collaborate. Conclude