Frequently Asked Questions

About Conclude

What is Conclude?

Conclude offers collaboration tools that help companies streamline workflows and boost cross-team communication using Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Conclude Link: connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to reduce information silos and improve collaboration. With seamless integration and bi-directional synchronization, teams can work from their preferred messaging platform.

Conclude Workflows: manage support tickets, issues, and incidents from Slack. Workflow apps are easily customizable, provide structure to conversations, and allow teams to deploy in minutes. Integrates with Jira.

Who are the people behind Conclude?

Conclude is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a hub in Barcelona, Spain.

CEO and co-founder Haavard Nord was the inventor of the industry standard framework Qt, used by more than a million developers to create apps for everything from home appliances to supercars.

Lars Knoll, who was instrumental in building Qt into a multi-billion euro company, joined Conclude in 2022 as CTO. Lars is also known as the creator of the open source code that became WebKit, the engine that powers most web browsers today, including Safari and Chrome.

Haavard and his team work relentlessly to take collaboration to a higher level and make teams more productive, just like Qt has helped thousands of companies build better software.

How much does it cost to use Conclude?

Conclude Link is the solution for organizations seeking seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and Slack. Conclude Link is free for 30 days.

Conclude Workflows includes Conclude Link. As well as the benefits of Link, businesses can streamline support tickets, issues, and incidents in one place. Conclude Workflows is free for 30 days.

The subscription cost is based on the number of active users in a rolling 90-day window. Conclude displays the current active user count at the bottom of Conclude Home > Dashboard.

The Free plan lets early-stage startup companies and educational institutions use Conclude for free, with certain limitations. See Pricing for details.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to get an estimate.

Where can I find more resources?

For more resources:

From Slack, when using Conclude Workflows, go to Conclude Home > Help or type the command /c help 

How can I contact support?

Customer support:

  • From Slack, use the /c support command to bring up a support form, or email us at

Our response time is typically one business day.

For any other inquiries:

Conclude Link allows you to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams to reduce information silos and improve collaboration.

People can work from their preferred messaging platform and enjoy seamless, bi-directional communication.

Additionally, Conclude Link also lets teams connect different workspaces such as Slack to Slack or Teams to Teams.

Conclude Link currently offers the following features:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Language translation (60 languages)
  • File sharing and synchronization
  • Threaded messages
  • @mention your colleagues
  • Emojis (in text)
  • Rich text formatting
  • Synced reactions (in development)
  • Person’s status (in development)

Our Conclude Link Quickstart Guide walks you through how to get started. 

Note: you must have Admin permissions to install Conclude in Microsoft Teams. If you are not an Admin and would like more information about Conclude Link, you can book a call with one of the team.

Yes. Channels in Slack or Teams do not need to have the same name to be linked. 

This video explains more about how to link channels Conclude Link: How to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams

Conclude Link lets team members communicate in their preferred language from Slack or Microsoft Teams (the channel language is set from the Conclude Link Admin Center).

The AI-driven language translation feature supports up to 60 languages. This video explains more about automatic language translation in linked channels. Conclude Link: Automatically Translate Messages in Linked Channels

Conclude Workflows

What is Conclude Workflows?

Conclude Workflows are no code apps that allow you to manage support tickets, issues, and incidents directly from Slack. 

They are fully customizable, provide structure to conversations and allow teams to deploy in minutes. 

Conclude Workflows also integrate with Jira for smoother issue management.

How can I get started with Conclude Workflows?

To get started with Conclude Workflows, follow the Quickstart Guides. See our Dashboard Quickstart and the Slack Quickstart Guide for more. 

You can download Conclude from the Slack Marketplace or our website by selecting Sign Up in the navigation menu. After following the sign-up process, the app will be installed in your Slack Workspace. 

Once signed in, from the Dashboard, you will be given a tour of Conclude Workflows which includes how to install an app.

If your team is already using Conclude, you can also type /c from Slack to see a list of installed apps you can use.

This video shows you how to install Conclude in your Slack Workspace. Conclude Workflows: How to Install Conclude in Your Slack Workspace

Who is Conclude Workflows for?
Our most popular workflow apps are for Support Tickets and Incident Management as well as Bug Tracking, but our apps can be used by any team or department looking to bring structure to their conversations inside Slack. All workflow apps are fully customizable.
What integrations are available?

Conclude Workflows integrates with Jira, web forms, email, and SMS. We also have AI Integrations which allow teams to summarize emails and create tickets automatically inside Slack.

Additionally, you can automatically translate emails in up to 60 languages inside Slack.

This video explains more about our features for automatic translation AI Integrations: How to Automatically Translate and Respond to Emails in Slack

What is the Conclude Dashboard?

The Dashboard is our web-based UI. It’s accessible to all Conclude Workflows users and can be accessed from Slack by typing /c dashboard or from our website when logged in.  Here you can install or edit apps and also get Insights about important MTTx metrics.

This video provides an overview Conclude Workflows: A Quick Overview of the Conclude Dashboard

Can anyone on my team use Conclude Workflows?

All Slack team members can use the /c app command to launch apps and participate in channel discussions; they are not required to sign in to use Conclude. 

To create apps or access the Conclude Dashboard, users must sign in. If there are no apps installed, the command  /c app install allows users to install a workflow app from Slack. Apps can also be installed from the Dashboard.

Restricted accounts: Multi-channel or external guests can launch apps to report issues or incidents etc, but they are not permitted to access Conclude Home (from Slack) or the Conclude Dashboard.

Can I send emails from Slack using Conclude?

Yes. From the Dashboard, click on the Settings wheel in the top right corner. Select Workflows, then navigate to Email settings for the app you want to adjust. 

To approve email sending, select the tick box  Allow access. Here, users can also enable email summarization and translation.

How do I create my own workflow apps?

Conclude is a no-code development tool for everyone and lets people who work in non-technical fields create useful apps quickly.

You can use interactive tools to create apps, or use an editor to manually edit app files. Conclude apps are expressed in a high-level language (YAML) and are very compact.

The templates for our apps are open source:

Conclude Workflows Technical FAQ

What is an activity channel?

An activity channel is a temporary channel created by a Conclude Workflow app where the team can work on a single task. 

Activity channels typically start with an underscore and end with a sequential number to give them a unique name, for example, #_incident-1, #_incident-2 etc.

Conclude automatically archives an activity channel when the activity is concluded and closed. 

You can still see closed activities in Conclude Home (from Slack) and the Conclude Dashboard.

Can I change an activity channel’s name?

Conclude automatically generates activity channel names based on the channel where the activity is installed.

For example, if you install an app in #devops, activity channels will be named #_devops-1, #_devops-2 etc.

You can manually rename the activity channel by typing /c rename and then typing a new name.

Can I create private activity channels?
Yes. If you install an app in a private Slack channel, all activity channels will be private by default.
Can I use Conclude Workflows in any Slack channel?

Yes, you can install workflow apps in any public or private Slack channel. 

You cannot create new activity channels from direct message (DM) conversations or from inside existing activity channels.

Can I remove someone from an activity channel?
Yes. The procedure is the same as when removing someone from a channel in Slack, by using the Slack channel settings menu or the built-in /remove command.
Can I remove myself from an activity channel?
Yes. You use the same procedure as in Slack, either through Slack’s channel settings menu or by using the built-in /leave command.
What happens when I conclude an activity?

To conclude an activity, type /c conclude.

The activity channel is archived and disappears from Slack, but remains visible and searchable from the Conclude Dashboard.

Can I reopen an activity that has been concluded?
You can reopen activities from the Conclude Dashboard. Just click Reopen in the Settings menu.
How can I share feedback with the Conclude team?
We love to receive feedback. Typing  /c feedback from Slack opens a form where you can send us your comments and help us to improve Conclude.

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