Custom Display Settings

You can create a tag or custom display setting for an attribute. This allows you to show some extra information where an activity’s title is displayed.

Display Property

An app that is connected with Jira may have a title attribute with this special display property.

  - name: title
    type: string
    label: Issue
    display: "[<${jira_url}|${jira_key}>] ${title}"
    mandatory: true

The macros ${jira_url}, ${jira_key} and ${title} will be replaced with the actual values for an activity.

For examples, the activity might have these values:

The title will be displayed as: [CI-17] Control panel not working where CI-17 is a URL that the user click to navigate to the corresponding Jira issue. The expanded display setting looks like this:

[<|CI-17>] Control panel not working

Please note that if any of the macro values are empty, Conclude will not use the display property. For example, if jira_url is not defined, the title will be displayed without the link.

Activity Tag

A tag is a custom attribute that is displayed in a special way: Tags are shows in the Conclude Dashboard, and serve a similar purpose as the display property above, where you want to display a link or show other vital information

  - name: jira_tag
    type: tag
    label: "<${jira_url}|${jira_key}>"

The macro expansion works exactly the same way as for the display property. The main difference is that tag is an attribute type and not a property.

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