Send SMS with a trigger

Note: The SMS functionality described here requires a Vonage or Twilio account. You will need to register your secret Vonage/Twilio keys with Conclude. Conclude needs this information in order to send SMS on your behalf.

Instructions for setting up a Vonage account:

  1. Sign up for a Vonage account at
  2. After signing up for an SMS number, take not of this information from

    • API key
    • API secret
    • Phone number (sender)

Instructions for setting up a Twilio account:

  1. Sign up for a Twilio account at
  2. Create and take note of the information at

    • Account SID
    • Authorization Token
    • Phone number (sender)
  3. Register the private account SID and token with an existing Conclude app as described here.

Important: In order to send SMS, you will need to register the secret keys with your app by using the /c app secrets commands. Read more about secrets here.

You can use triggers to send SMS messages to multiple recipients. Inside the trigger, create an sms object with these fields:

  • to: An international number starting with + and a country code.
  • body: Text to be sent. The text may contain macros and newlines (\n).
  • log (boolean): Set log to true to record information about SMSes that were sent. Default false.
  • logBody (boolean): Set logBody to true to log the text that was sent. Default false.

The example sends an SMS directly to one or more mobile phone numbers:

  - name: escalate
    type: button
    label: Escalate!
        to: +16505559876
        body: "${title}:\n${body}"

You can also send SMS to people inside your Slack workspace, where Conclude will look up phone numbers from Slack users, channel members, and user group members.

    to: "#dev, @product"

In the example above, Conclude will extract and send SMS to the mobile phone numbers of the members of the #dev channel and the @product user group. This will only work for the users who have registered their mobile phone numbers in their Slack profiles.

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