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Installing Conclude on Microsoft Teams

This is a quick guide on how to install Conclude on Microsoft Teams

Making Conclude available for your Teams installation

Conclude is not yet available on the Microsoft Teams app store, so it will need to be installed by side-loading it for the moment. We are working on publishing Conclude on the Microsoft Teams app store which will simplify the installation in the future.

Download the app package:

Follow these steps to install Conclude for your organization:

  • Go to
  • Go to ‘Manage Apps’
  • On the top right, click ‘Actions/Upload new app’
  • Upload the file you downloaded from the link above
  • After uploading, reload the page, then search for the app by name, and click on it
  • In assignments, make sure everyone can install the app (or the group or people that need to use Conclude)
  • In permissions, if possible, grant admin permissions to the app

Create a combined Conclude account for Slack and Microsoft Teams

If you have used Conclude on Slack before, we strongly recommend following the steps below. This will make sure Conclude knows that your Slack and Microsoft Teams instances belong to the same Organization. To do this:

  • Go to
  • Press ‘Sign In’, then ‘Sign in with Slack’
  • Press ‘Allow’ to accept the Slack sign-in
  • If you are a commercial user of Conclude, there should be an account for your organization
    • If not, Click ‘Create Account’
    • Fill in the account info, press ‘Create Account’
  • In the sidebar, go to Settings and click on the Admin settings tab
  • Select ‘Connected workspaces’ and then click on ‘Sign in with Microsoft’
  • Accept the permission request and sign in. This will connect your Microsoft tenant to your Conclude account. If you’re an administrator, we recommend that you accept the requested permissions on behalf of your organization

Installing Conclude in Microsoft Teams

It usually takes a few hours from when you add Conclude in the Teams admin panel until the app shows up in the Microsoft Teams ‘Apps’ pane. It should be visible under ‘Built for your org’:

Microsoft Teams how to install Conclude


Adding Conclude to your Teams sidebar

The next steps mainly make sense for the people who will administer Conclude. These steps will add Conclude to the sidebar in Microsoft Teams and give you an Admin interface for Conclude.

We are planning to extend functionality so that the sidebar will become useful for all Conclude users:

  • Click the ‘Add’ button for Conclude in the ‘Apps’ panel (see screenshot above)
  • You will probably be asked to give Conclude access. Press OK. This allows us to use the single-sign-on (SSO) functionality built into teams with Conclude
  • You might get a request to give Conclude a set of permissions in Microsoft Graph. Approve the request (we recommend you approve it on behalf of your organization if you have the privileges to do so) so nobody else will need to deal with approval requests
  • You should now see Conclude’s Admin center in a tab inside Microsoft Teams

Pin Conclude to the sidebar so it doesn’t disappear when you move to another tab:

  • Right-click on the Conclude icon, select ‘Pin’

Adding Conclude to a Team

You are now ready to add Conclude to a specific Team and install Apps in certain channels:

  • Go to ‘Apps’
  • Click on the Conclude App (but not on the ‘Open/Add’ button) You should see a dialog showing the Conclude app:


Installing Conclude in MS Teams


  • Click on the arrow to the right of the ‘Open/Add’ button, and select ‘Add to a team’:


Installing Conclude in MS Teams, adding to a team


  • Choose the team you want to add Conclude to. Press ‘Set up’
  • A Conclude installation dialog should show up. Press ‘Save’. This will add a tab to the general channel of your team that contains a (currently empty) Dashboard.

You can now add a Conclude workflow to any standard channel in this team:

  • Go to any channel (or create a new one)
  • Press the ‘+’ button to the right of the different channel tabs


Adding Conclude to a channel in MS Teams


Select the Conclude app and you will see an installation dialog to install a workflow app:

Installing Dialog when adding Conclude to a channel


  • Select a workflow template, press ‘Save’
  • Installation will take a few seconds
  • You will now have a new tab installed on this channel that contains a Dashboard for this app


Conclude tab in MS Teams


  • ‘New …’ on the top left will allow you to create a new activity.
  • ‘Settings’ will bring you to the settings pages for this app, allowing you to customize it to your needs

Please contact us if you need more help getting set up with Microsoft Teams.

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