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Get started with Conclude: Install a support app

In this section, we will delve into the source code of an actual app. Utilizing the interactive application installer, we will develop an app based on the ‘support’ template, mirroring the process outlined in the Quickstart Guide.

This particular app is designed for managing support tickets, with each ticket allocated to a dedicated channel for discussion and resolution.

To create the app, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Initiate the installation process by typing the Slack command /c app install in a channel.
  2. Select the “Support” template and click Install to begin the app deployment.

  1. Select a channel in which to install the app.

Upon successful installation, Conclude will respond with message that only you can see:

Activate the app by clicking the New Ticket button. This action will create a new support ticket and invite the members of the #support channel to participate.

There are several other ways to activate the support app:

  • Type the Slack command /c new in the #support channel.
  • Type the Slack command /c support from anywhere (“support” is where you installed the app).
  • Type the Slack command /c to display all installed Conclude apps, and click “New Ticket”.
  • Activate the app from the Conclude Dashboard or Conclude Home in Slack.

Click the Share button to inform the channel of the newly installed app.

The Settings button opens Conclude Dashboard’s App Settings, where you can customize the app.

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