Connect Your App

Connectors open up Slack and Conclude apps to the world. They let your app receive information from people outside your Slack workspace.

The web connector lets you feed data from an HTML webform into Conclude, which enables some use cases:

  • Use a contact form on your web that creates a new activity when someone on the outside submits a request.
  • Let customers file bug reports and report incidents.
  • Implement custom forms that feeds data into your team’s Slack workflow.
  • webforms are easily protected with Google’s reCAPTCHA version 3, rate limiting and more.

The email connector enables your app to receive emails via SendGrid, with some similar use cases as for the web connector:

  • Use Slack to process emails to your company’s official email addresses, such as
  • You can define reviewers to filter incoming emails, or even triage incidents.
  • The email connector can identify and stop spam.

Connect. Collaborate. Conclude