Conclude Connect: Slack and Zendesk Integration for External Support

A conversational ticketing solution for external customers that syncs with Zendesk

Slack and Zendesk Integration Conclude Connect

July 4, 2024

Conclude Connect is the latest offering from Conclude. It’s a ticketing solution for Slack with Zendesk integration (optional) that forms part of our suite of collaboration tools which aim to make workplace collaboration more efficient. This easy-to-use ticketing solution provides users with an organized and intuitive approach to external communication and support ticket management.

While Conclude offers external connections between Microsoft Teams and Slack using Conclude Link, Conclude Connect is currently focused on support ticket management for external users in Slack, with Microsoft Teams functionality in development.

What is Conclude Connect?

Conclude Connect makes it easier to connect and collaborate with external partners and customers from Slack. It supports conversational ticketing – where tickets are opened as threaded messages – to keep your user interface clean and organized, regardless of the number of customers or channels you manage.

Some key features include:

  • Client Support manage multiple external clients effortlessly through shared Slack channels
  • Zendesk Integration – bidirectional chat and ticket synchronization with Zendesk
  • Ticket Creation – easily open new support tickets by marking comments with a ticket emoji
  • Clean UI – maintain an organized workspace using threaded messages for each new ticket
  • Role Management – assign owners, designate specific people and channels for notifications, manage access rights, and more

Replacing Halp with Conclude Connect

Halp, a tool acquired by software giant Atlassian, was a popular choice for managing external customer communication. After the acquisition, several companies offered solutions to address this gap. Today, Conclude Connect is one of the most robust offerings on the market and offers additional Zendesk functionality.

It’s this integration that helped Christian Romming, Founder & CEO of Etleap, an ETL solution for creating data pipelines, decide to go with Conclude. As he explains:

“Our migration from Halp to Conclude was a smooth experience with no disruption to our existing workflow. The onboarding process was straightforward, and we quickly adapted to the new UI. Conclude Connect allows us to open support tickets from Slack and includes the vital Zendesk integration that we rely on to keep our customers happy.”

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Improving External Communication

Having the right tools to handle communication with external companies, customers, or collaborators is crucial for managing support tickets and maintaining strong relationships.

Conclude Connect addresses this by connecting each external customer to a dedicated channel, where support tickets can be opened as threaded messages. This approach keeps conversations organized and easily accessible, and your UI clutter-free.

How Can Conversational Ticketing Help?

Conversational ticketing is where a support professional and a user (customer or external collaborator), interact directly on a chat platform like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

It eliminates the need for traditional forms or emails, allowing users to open tickets with simple commands or emojis. This approach leads to improvements in response times, as support teams can respond to customer queries and issues instantly.

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Zendesk and Jira Cloud Integrations

Currently, our customers can replicate and sync tickets and issues between Slack and Zendesk, Slack and Jira, and soon, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Zendesk Integration – once connected with Zendesk, any tickets that are created in Slack will have a link to a ticket that is then synced between Slack and Zendesk. Any responses or updates made to that ticket in Zendesk will also be reflected in the Slack thread. All tickets are editable and have a unique ID to make tracking easier.

Threaded and Branched Messaging

Conclude offers two modes for managing tickets – channel or thread. This can be configured under App mode in the Apps section of the Conclude Dashboard. See Step 4: Configuring a Conclude app in the Quickstart Guide for more details.

  • Channel mode – each new ticket or issue is opened as a separate, “branched” activity channel. Once a user has selected and installed their Conclude app (e.g. Support), in a dedicated Slack channel, new tickets are opened from the main channel. This is a great solution for companies that do not need to manage a large number of customers or tickets. Once a ticket is concluded, the activity channel disappears from the sidebar but is recorded in the Conclude Dashboard.
  • Thread mode – here, each customer still has one dedicated channel, but tickets are opened as threads inside the channel. This approach reduces visual clutter and keeps all your discussions in one place. It is particularly beneficial for support teams managing a large volume of tickets and external customers.

A Dashboard to Record Everything

Since its inception, Conclude has been focused on boosting team collaboration and productivity by providing structure to conversations within messaging platforms like Slack. Without structure, important conversations and threads can easily get lost.

To address this, Conclude has a dedicated Dashboard to record all activities in channels where an app is installed, even after these channels are archived. This means that all your ticket and chat history is recorded and can be reviewed and reopened as needed.

Conclude Connect for External Support

Conclude Connect offers multiple benefits for teams managing external support tickets. The clean and organized interface, combined with features like multi-client support and Zendesk integration, make it a solid choice for businesses looking to better manage external tickets and customer communication.

By streamlining communication and ticket management, Conclude Connect helps teams maintain efficiency while keeping their customers happy.

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