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Businesses can be a force for positive environmental change


January 24, 2024

As a company, Conclude is committed to helping the environment. With our Nordic roots and a culture closely connected to nature, we’re happy to be supporting Tree-Nation and their mission to reforest the world.

Founded in 2006, the company has evolved from one project in Niger to creating projects that have an impact on fighting climate change at a global level. To date, more than 700 million people have planted over 37 million trees and contributed to reforestation projects worldwide.

Why Trees, Why Now?

Trees are the earth’s lungs. They absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the primary culprits in global warming.

Deforestation is alarmingly tipping this delicate balance and contributing to the climate crisis. This initiative isn’t just about planting trees; it’s a stand against deforestation and a step (no matter how small), towards ecological balance. Small actions by many people can have significant cumulative effects over time.

A Trillion Trees by 2050

Tree-Nation’s ambitious goal, supported by Conclude, is to plant a trillion trees by 2050. This is a meaningful objective in an effort to claw back 250 billion tons of CO2 from our atmosphere.

“We chose Tree-Nation for their track record with reforestation projects around the world and their commitment to helping the environment,” explained Conclude’s CMO, Augusto Modigliani.

“It is our hope that other companies will be motivated to take similar actions and incorporate socially responsible projects into their business plan.

“With the exponential growth and use of artificial intelligence, reducing carbon emissions will become even more critical in the years to come. We aim to monitor our own impact and continue supporting ethical causes and projects that help to offset carbon emissions,” he concluded.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Not Greenwashing)

For Conclude, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a checkbox, it’s a core value and a responsibility towards the planet and future generations. This initiative is a reflection of our commitment to this, demonstrating that businesses can – and should – be forces for positive environmental change.

Join the Green Movement

Now we are inviting you to be a part of this journey! Everyone, from individuals to large corporations, can join in this mission which recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship.

Conclude has already planted trees – and plans to plant more on behalf of our customers – but this is just the beginning.

Would you like to get involved? To do so, visit the Conclude Forest, plant your tree, and spread the word. Every tree planted counts and helps to create a more sustainable future.

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