Unified collaboration on Slack and Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate chat across Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and Jira, with no-code apps for even better collaboration

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Conclude Link
Conclude Link bridges the collaboration gap by integrating Slack and Microsoft Teams. Chat and relay messages from your preferred platform without creating interdepartmental silos.
Conclude Apps
Conclude Apps are no-code apps that can be installed in Slack channels (soon, Microsoft Teams). Use apps for incidents, issues, support tickets, bug tracking and more.
Conclude Connect
Conclude Connect makes it easier to work with external customers. Use our Zendesk integration to open tickets and manage multiple requests using Slack and soon Microsoft Teams.

Chat and app interoperability for better cross-team collaboration

Direct chat and group messaging on Slack and Teams

Chat with colleagues directly from your preferred messaging platform – Slack or Microsoft Teams. Share files and chat bi-directionally without the need for an account on both programs.

This feature is part of Conclude Link, a Slack and Microsoft Teams integration for companies that need to unify their work interdepartmentally.

Powerful internal and external collaboration solutions

Whether you need to bring your Help Desk into Slack, manage issues and incidents, or address external customer issues, Conclude has a solution.

Use Conclude Apps to open tickets as individual activities from a primary channel, or use Conclude Connect to manage external support requests while keeping your UI clean and organized.

AI for efficient email and ticket summarization

Use Conclude Apps with AI-powered apps to summarize emails and automatically generate ticket descriptions, saving over one minute in ticket creation time.

Automatic email translation lets you respond to incoming and outgoing emails in up to 60 languages from Slack.

Dashboard to track and capture everything

The Conclude Dashboard provides an overview of all open and closed tickets, with key MTTx metrics. Once tickets are concluded, the channel is archived but all information is permanently recorded.

Find everything you need and see changelogs without searching through hundreds of messages.

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